Amsterdam here I come!

Amsterdam here I come!

A couple days ago I got some really good news.. and I’m so excited to share it with you… are you ready??


In an earlier blog post I already mentioned that I fell in love with the entrepreneurship master when I visited the open day at the University of Amsterdam a few months ago. After doing a little more research I was (and still am) 100% sure that this is the master program for me, so I decided to apply. Due to all the traveling I only applied about 3 weeks ago and I was not expecting to hear from them any time soon. However, on Tuesday afternoon I got an email stating that they reviewed my application and were happy to announce that I got accepted! So, from September onwards I’ll officially be a grad student and I’m so excited for it!!

It’s a dual degree program, which means it’s a co-operation between the University of Amsterdam and VU university, so I’ll actually be studying at both universities and I’ll probably be cycling back and forth a lot in between them. What I’m probably most excited for about this program is that I’ll get to study with likeminded people. People that love entrepreneurship as much as I do and that might be as crazy as me when it comes to business plans. I hope to meet a lot of people with different skills, so that we can all help each other in starting businesses and becoming the best entrepreneurs we can be. I realise that to start your own business you don’t really need a degree at all, you just have to do it. However, I still wanted to do a master because I feel like this is my time to get the most out of my education as I can and I really think I’ll be able to gain some very useful skills (and connections) during this master program.

The fact that I got accepted also means that I can now really start looking for a place to live in Amsterdam. I never thought I’d be excited to be moving to Amsterdam, but I truly am. Unfortunately, Amsterdam isn’t the easiest place to find affordable and somewhat acceptable housing, but I’m hopeful. Seven years ago my parents thought it wouldn’t hurt to sign me up for housing in Amsterdam, just in case I’d ever want to study there and right now I’m so thankful they did that, because it means I actually have a shot at finding a nice room! At this point my standards are still pretty high. In Tilburg I had my own studio, but this time I would actually prefer to have some housemates. It would be perfect to share facilities with about 3 or 4 others. Of course, I would like to have a quite big room of more than 20m2, right now I’m looking for at least 16m2, with a big window so it’ll be light. I definitely don’t want to live on the ground floor, because for some reason that just feels a little scary to me. Lastly, I really want to live in the city centre, so I’ll truly feel like I’m living in Amsterdam. I know that it will be hard to find a room that meets all these requirements (especially within my budget), but right now I feel like I still have time to be picky. Once it’s getting closer to September and I still haven’t found anything I can always start making concessions, right? Anyways, if you happen to know a great place that’s available, please let me know!

I’m so excited that I can now truly start making plans for next year and that I no longer have to think about a plan B in case I wouldn’t get accepted. I’m really looking forward to making Amsterdam my home town and to start my life there. Also, I’m really excited to start studying again. I feel like it’s really good for me that I taking this break, because now I realise so much better that I’m not just doing it to get a diploma. I’m truly doing it to improve my knowledge and skills and of course to hopefully make some more great memories and some amazing friends!

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