AUSTRALIA | Top 5 activities in Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Top 5 activities in Sydney

After studying in Sydney for 5 months I’ve undertaken plenty of activities in the city. Of course, you have to visit the Opera House and take some pictures of the Harbour Bridge. However, there is so much more that makes Sydney special, so I have made a list of my 5 favorite things to do when you’re exploring Sydney.

1. Bondi to Coggee beach walk
First on my list is my absolute favorite in Sydney and as you’ve read from the title it’s a walk from Bondi beach to Cooggee beach. They have made a really nice path/boardwalk to walk along the cliffs from one beach to the other. The views along the way are absolutely stunning and this is my favorite way to combine exercise with sightseeing. Depending on how fit you’re feeling (or wanting to be) you can decide to take it easy and just walk on a chill tempo or join all the jogging locals. Shark Point is probably my favourite place to take a little rest. Take a detour from the path (right after you’ve past the cemetery) and walk to the edge of the cliff. Not a lot of people come here, so you’ll feel like you’re the only person in the world.

2. Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly
An activity requiring less physical activity is taking the ferry from the Circular Quay harbor (at the Opera House) to Manly. This ferry ride is around 20 min long and takes you through the beautiful harbor, almost out to sea. The views are really pretty and it gives you an opportunity to take some amazing pictures of the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. You can get on the ferry with your Opal card (the card used for all public transport) and a one way trip will cost you $7.35. An insider tip is to make this trip on a Sunday, because on Sunday’s you only pay a maximum of $2.60 total for traveling with your opal card, all travel after that is free. Just keep in mind that it is a lot busier on Sundays, so arrive at the harbour early to get a good spot on the deck.

3. Manly to Spit bridge hike
Many people go to Manly just to visit the beach, which is usually really busy in summertime and not really one of my favorites. However, there is a really cool other activity in Manly and that’s a hike from Manly Wharf to the Spit bridge. It’s a 10 km coastal walk, passing some cute bays as well as going up a hill to catch some of the best views. When you get off the ferry at the Manly wharf you have to turn left and follow the signposts. It’s pretty easy to navigate as there are many signs pointing you in the right direction along the way. After you’ve arrived at the spit bridge you can take a bus back to the city center or back to Manly for some dinner and the ferry ride back.

4. Visit Pylon lookout
This is a great activity if you are traveling on the budget and don’t have the money for the crazy expensive Harbor Bridge climb. The Pylon lookout is located in the Southeast pillar of the bridge. While you climb to the top of the pillar you can enjoy a little museum about how the bridge was build (very impressive I must say). The observation deck at the top gives you the feeling you are standing on the bridge and gives you another good photo opportunity for the Opera House. The entrance fee is $15 or $10 for students, a bargain compared to the prices for a Harbor Bridge climb.

5. Fireworks at darling harbor
Lastly one of my favorite things in Sydney is the firework show that happens on Saturday nights at Darling Harbor. Darling Harbor in itself is already a lovely area to walk around and enjoy some good food or ice cream while looking at all the beautiful yachts. On Saturday it get’s even better though as they put on an amazing 15 min fireworks show, including music and everything. They shoot the fireworks off of floating rafts in the middle of the harbor, so you basically will get a good view from anywhere around the waterfront. Unfortunately, I have to note that they’re not on every Saturday throughout the year, so check their website before you go, also the times differ depending on sunset.

Bonus tip
I don’t think this really counts as a top thing to do, as it really depends on when you go, but I just had to add it. I definitely recommend checking if there are any festivals on during your visit to Sydney. Very often there are special markets or festival at The Rocks and around Circular Quay, that always make for a fun visit. You definitely don’t want to miss the ‘Chocolate Festival’ if it’s on while you’re there!

I honestly could write a 100 more things to do in Sydney, but for now I’ll just leave it at these favorites of mine. I hope these things will give you some inspiration for your own trip to Sydney and if you have any questions or more tips of things to do in Sydney, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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