Help me form my Europe bucket list!

Help me form my Europe bucket list!

I need your help! I’m always looking for new places I want to explore and after spending quite a lot of time overseas the past 2 years, exploring Australia and Asia, I think it’s now time to see a little more of Europe. I have three main things on my list, but I’m not really sure where precisely I should go to find these things. I figured some of you might have visited these places and might be able to give me some tips, before I start my research. As of this moment I don’t really know how I’m gonna afford another trip, but there is nothing wrong with forming a detailed travel bucket list, right? Just as a disclaimer, I’ve not really done any research yet, so don’t kill me if my views of these places are completely off. Anyways, here are the countries/areas I would like to see and what I hope to find there, please let me know in the comments if you know where I where in these countries/areas I should go!

Greece has been on my list for a very long time. I would love to see one of those cute white or coloured villages that is build against a hill, if you know what I mean. Additionally I would love to explore some islands, swim in the azure blue water and maybe go on some boat trips. So, I would like to find a place where I can find Greek culture, but also do some water sports and relax on the beach. Preferably in a place that is not overcrowded by other tourists and that is not a big party spot. Is there one particular place where I could find this? Or did I just describe every island in Greece? Of course, I don’t necessarily just want to go to one spot, so all recommendations are welcome. Athens has never really been on my radar, so that’s not a must for me, but let me know if you think that’s a wrong decision.

Another place in the southeast of Europe that has been on my list for a very long time is Croatia. What I hope to find there is mostly great nature. I’ve heard that the have some really amazing waterfalls in Croatia and I absolutely love waterfalls. So, what do you think are the best waterfalls to visit in Croatia? Also I would love to go hiking, maybe in a forest area, but also definitely around areas with a lot of water. If you can’t tell yet I love water, so coastal hikes would be great or maybe around an area with a ton of lakes. I don’t really know much about the cities in Croatia, so let me know if there are any I shouldn’t miss. What I’m mostly looking for in Croatia is an active trip to explore some great nature, so please tell me if you know what would be the best place to go.

This is probably the area I know the least about and I honestly don’t even know why I want to go there, but being the travel addict that I am I just feel like I have to see and experience it. I definitely hope to find some great nature there, but I would also love to explore the main cities, such as Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. I would love to hear your opinions on how to tackle exploring Scandinavia. Can you explore multiple countries and regions in one visit or is it so big that it’s better to focus on one particular part. Also, what would be the best time of the year to visit, I’m not very good with cold, but I also feel like in summer I want to go to a hot and summery location and that it might be more spectacular to see these countries in winter time. Anyways, I’m just hoping you can give me some ideas on where to go and on how and when to explore Scandinavia.

Of course, there are so many more places in Europe I haven’t yet gotten to explore and that I would love to see, but for now I’m gonna focus on these three. I don’t think I’ll be able to visit them all in the near future, but I just love planning trips, so I’m always thinking about new adventures. I believe that there is nothing wrong with dreaming about and researching the places you want to go. I really hope you can share your recommendations with me. I know I can also find the answers to a lot of my questions on Google, but I think it’s just really valuable to have some personal recommendations to start your research off with. Also, just like I said in my last post, if any of you want to join me on one of these trips let me know, so we could maybe plan something together! Thanks for reading and now please help me out and leave a comment! All input (however useless it may feel to you) is welcome!

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