Ready for China

Ready for China

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be probably on a plane to Dubai, where we’re going to spend a few days before heading to China. I’m going backpacking with my mom for 4 weeks. I’ve been preparing this trip for quite a while and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been this prepared for a backpacking trip. So, let me tell you our plan, what we’ve arranged already and how we got ready for what I’m sure is gonna be an amazing trip.

After a pit stop in Dubai we will be flying to our first stop in China, Beijing. Of course, Beijing had to be a part of our itinerary. We’ll be visiting the forbidden city and the great wall, of course, but I’ve also lined up some nice city walks to really get a feel for Chinese city life. After Beijing we are taking our first high speed train, towards Shanghai. I’m honestly really excited for Shanghai, because I feel like it’s sort of a city of the future. Besides just walking around to explore the city, I’m really looking forward to visiting the ‘urban planning exhibition center’. My mom studied urban planning in college, so I’m sure this is gonna be an interesting visit. A few days later we’ll continue our journey to the city Hangzhou, which is supposed to be one of the more ‘romantic’ Chinese cities, with a massive lake and apparently a lot of charm.

After these three cities we are leaving the coast to travel more inland. On the 16th we’ll be catching a train towards Yichang. This is the gateway to the Three Gorges Dam, which seems to be really impressive. Later we’ll continue to Zhangjiajie, where we’ll really get to explore the mountains. I’m really excited to go on some great hikes there, because the pictures I’ve seen online look unearthly. Next we’re taking a bus to the ancient town of Fenghuang. I hope to get some nice pictures of all the wooden houses next to the river here. We’ll only be staying there one night before we continue our bus journey towards the Longji Rice Terrace area where we’ll be staying in the village Dazhai. From here we’re planning to do some hikes to get some good views over the rice terraces. After this we’ll stay in Guilin for one night and then we’ll take a boat over the Li River towards Yangshuo. Here, we’re planning to do some cycling around the area, because the scenery is supposed to be really pretty.

From Yangshuo we’ll be traveling back to the coast. We’ll leave mainland China to enjoy the last part of our trip in Hong Kong. I love exploring cities, so I’m definitely excited for these last few days. I don’t have any set plans yet for Hong Kong, but my mom and I both love going on city walks and I think we might also hike up the dragon’s back trail, to get a nice view over the city.

Our route

I really feel like this trip is gonna be very diverse, with some amazing cities, but also some amazing nature. Also the climate will be very diverse, as it’s gonna be around 0 degrees Celcius in Beijing, while it’ll be around 25 degrees in Hong Kong and even hotter in Dubai. This was for sure a pain in the ass while packing, but I think we managed to get everything we need into our backpacks.

As I mentioned before I feel like I’ve never been this well prepared for a backpacking trip. On my other trips I’d always made a planning of when I wanted to be where, but this time I’ve actually already booked all of our accommodations and all the train tickets. That I’m this prepared is mainly because we only have 4 weeks and I feel like we want to do and see quite a lot in this relatively short amount of time, so I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time arranging stuff while we’re there. It also scares me a bit that I won’t be able to access google and a ton of other websites without a VPN. Of course I’ve arranged a VPN, because I would hate it if I wouldn’t be able to share any of my experiences while I’m there, but I’m still a little scared it might not work as good as I hope. I also had to hand in a lot of information about our trip to get our visas. They for example needed booking confirmations from all the ho(s)tels, to show you’ve booked something for the duration of your entire stay in China. Luckily, after two trips to The Hague and a lot of paperwork we got our visas without any issues.

I’ll hopefully be sharing a lot of pictures with you on my Instagram, so don’t forget to follow me there. I’m also going to be vlogging my entire trip, so you can expect some new videos soon. Of course, I also plan to blog if I have time, but in case that’s not going to work I have prepared some posts to go up, so there will for sure be new content every Sunday!

For now, if anyone has any tips for the places we’re visiting, please let me know! Leave a comment or DM me on Instagram or Facebook, because I would love to hear about your experiences. I’m really hoping that the trip I planned is going to be as amazing as I hope. I’m really excited and I feel so lucky that I get to do this with my mom. I got my lonely planet with me and I’m ready to explore China! But first … DUBAI!

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  1. Welcome to us China. As a Chinese, I also sincerely thank you for your positive and objective assessment of China. I admit that there are some friends in the world who don’t understand China very well. So the views are a bit different, but I believe that the spread of personal experiences that have come to China in a long time through a kind, beautiful, and lovely lady like you will make the world Do not understand Chinese friends and see a different Chinese than they think. We sincerely welcome your opportunity to come to China again. I sincerely wish you and your loved ones. Thank you again.

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